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Residence Royale selected only one luxury villa rental, however this palatial villa is of such exceptional quality, that we decided to include it in our rental program. This exclusive luxury villa is located on the isle of Corfu and featured in the James Bond movie “For your eyes only”. The unique location, the private harbour with yacht, the private beach, the luxury car and the permanent staff of 6 make this exclusive villa a dream come true.

Villa Panoramique

Corfu - Greece
This unique estate on Corfu (Greece) is the absolute top of the Residence Royale program. Villa Panoramique featured in the James Bond film “For your eyes only” and is the neighbouring estate to the summerhouse of the King of Greece, the birth place of Prince Philip of England!
from £ 22.096
aircoswimming pool GA190
Max. 18 persons
9 bedrooms
9 bathrooms

Luxury holiday villa rental in Greece


Greece is a country in southeastern Europe on the southernmost tip of the Balkan peninsula with extensive coastlines and many islands. The Greek civilization dates back to 3000 BC. There are still many remnants of its glorious past  like the Acropolis in Athens, Knossos or Olympia. Greece is a country full of sunshine, culture, nature, friendly people and a sumptuous cuisine. Spend your holiday in Residence Royale’s extraordinary rental villa and get to know the many charms of Greece. 

What to do in Greece


There is something for everyone in Greece. You can spend a day on one of its lovely beaches, visit the many historic sights or take a sailing trip among its beautiful islands. Indulge yourself in our luxury rental villa and have

some quality time with family and friends at your own private pool.


The weather


The climate in Greece is predominantly Mediterranean with mild winters and dry, hot summers with an average of 300 sunny days per year.  In August temperatures can rise above 40 degr C. Spring and autumn are the best periods to spend a luxury holiday in Greece.




Corfu is one of the most beautiful of the Greek islands.  This luscious and green island with its beautiful sandy beaches, cristal-clear water and secluded coves draw millions of tourists each year.

Residence Royale selected an extraordinary luxury villa right on the coast of Corfu with breathtaking sea view.


Luxury holiday


Our selection of holiday rentals in the southern countries of Europe comprises approx. 200 luxury rental villas and vacation homes. All our holiday rentals meet the highest demands for luxury and comfort of our discerning clients. Large or small, beachside or countryside, classic or modern, our holiday homes and luxury rental villas cater to all tastes. Choose one of the Residence Royale holiday homes and have an unforgettable holiday!